Lecture: Ausgewählte Kapitel der IT-Security - Selected Aspects of IT-Security

Lecturer :

Prof. Dr. Jana Dittmann

Type: Course 2 and Exercise 2

Time of Lecture:

Wed. 11:00 - 13:00, G29-335
first lecture 15.10.2003
Exercises start in week 43


The aim is to learn about IT-security with regards to:
- Selected security threats, concepts and solutions for secure communication
- Built on top of course on IT-Security but fits also well to see security risks and solutions as introduction (learning by examples

Content and Goals:

  • Introduction
  • Security in OSI Model
    • WLAN
    • Bluethooth
    • VPN, IPSec, TLS (SSL)
  • Smartcards
  • TCPA
  • IDS
  • Social Engineering


  • Network basics (IP)
  • Cryptographical basics
    • role of symmetric
    • asymmetric ciphers
    • hash functions
    • challenge response techniques
  • IT-Security terminilogy

Suggested reading :

Books for introduction to IT-Security

  • Matt Bishop: Computer Security, Addison Wesley, 2003
  • Charles P. Pfleger et al.: Security in Computing, Prentice Hall, 3rd revised edition, 2003

Books for selected course outline

  • Raymond R. Panko: Corporate Computer and Network Security, Prentice Hall, March 2003
  • Ross Anderson: Security Engineering, Wiley and Sons, 2001
  • Wolfgang Rankl und Wolfgang Effing: Handbuch der Chipkarten, Carl Hanser Verlag München Wien, 4. Auflage, 2002
  • Claudia Eckert: IT-Sicherheit, Oldenbourgh Verlag, 2001 (2003)


  • Most slides will be in English
  • Slides, pdf-files for self-printing

Thanks to:

  • Prof. Shivendra Panwar and Prof. Nasir Memon, Polytechnic University, Brooklyn NY, USA
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Steffen, Zürcher Hochschule Winterthur
  • Thomas R. Peltier CISSP, Peltier Associates

UnivIS: Link


On request

Ergänzend / Additional :

Microsoft WhitePaper VPN

Heise Security - Bluetooth ist nicht WLAN
Heise Security - Verschlüsselungsverfahren und ihre Anwendungen
Heise Security - Methoden der Kryptanalyse

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