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MM4CSF - 1st International Workshop on Multimedia Crime Scene Forensics for Fingerprint Acquisition and Processing, In conjunction with ICME 2015, Friday, 3rd of July 2015, Torino, Italy

IMF 2015 - 9th International Conference on IT Security Incident Management & IT Forensics, 18-20 May 2015, Magdeburg, Germany

CMS 2013

BIOID 2011

Multimedia and Security Workshop at ACM Multimedia Homepage

Technische Methoden und Verfahren für IT-Sicherheit

Workshop: Computervisualistik, Medieninformatik und virtuelle Communities

GI - Sicherheit 2006 "Sicherheit - Schutz und Zuverlässigkeit" 3. Jahrestagung Fachbereich Sicherheit der Gesellschaft für Informatik Otto-von-Guericke Universität Magdeburg, 20.-23. Februar 2006

ECCP International Workshop on 13 and 14 December 2005

EU-India CultureTech project meeting and workshop on Digital Multimedia and Security Technology on 7 and 8 November 2005

9th IFIP TC-6 TC-11, Conference on Communications and Multimedia Security, September 19-21 2005, Salzburg University. Austria

LIT 2005, 21. - 23. September 2005

29th Annual Conference of the German Classification Society (GfKl 2005), March 9-11, 2005, Otto-von-Guericke-University, Magdeburg

Sicherheit 2005 - Schutz und Zuverlässingkeit, 2. Jahrestagung des Fachbereichs "Sicherheit - Schutz und Zuverlässigkeit" der Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI), 5-8. April 2005 Regensburg

Countering Post-Modern Terrorism, Cyber- and Bio-Terrorism, e-Crime - History, Current Scenarios and Future Threats - The Second International Security Conference in Berlin, Germany in October/November 2004

Automotive - Safety & Security 2004 Sicherheit und Zuverlässigkeit für automobile Informationstechnik, 6. – 7. Oktober 2004, Stuttgart

Multimedia and Security Workshop at ACM Multimedia Magdeburg, Germany, September 20-21 ,2004

Microsoft - Student Technology Conference vom 2. bis 3. Juni 2004, Landschaftspark Duisburg

Biometrics: Challenges arising for Theory to Practice Inaugral BCTP Workshop Cambridge, United Kigdom, August 22th 2004

30th EUROMICRO CONFERENCE Rennes, France August 31st September3rd SPECIAL SESSION ON New Challenges in Media Security

SymSec 03 Symposium IT-Security

Virtual Goods 2003 International Workshop for Technology, Economy, Social and Legal Aspects of Virtual Goods

SeSAM 03 Workshop IT-Security for Sachsen Anhalt in Magdeburg

LIT 03 Workshop Proposal - Digitale Medien und elektronisches Publizieren

IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo, July 6-9, 2003, Baltimore, MD

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