Lecture : Multimedia Technology

Lecturer :

Prof. Dr. Jana Dittmann

Type: Course 2 and Exercise 2

Time of Lecture :

Thu. 15:00 - 17:00, G29-307
first lecture 16.10.2003
Exercises start in week 43


The aim is to learn about Multimedia Technology with regards to:

  • discuss of the requirements demanded by multimedia systems towards computer systems and the approaches to handle these requirements.
  • introduce production and management of content
  • illustrate the characteristics of and the possibilities provided by multimedia systems.
  • study of aspects of distributed multimedia systems which cover important research and application areas.

Content and Goals:
  • Introduction to Multimedia
  • Image, video and audio capture, processing and compression
  • The MPEG family
  • QoS and synchronisation
  • Multimedia Systems Technology: Networking (IP-Multicast)
  • Digital Video Production

  • Network basics (IP)
  • Image coding (see courses of Prof. Tönnies)
  • terminilogy

Suggested reading :

Books for introduction to Multimedia Technology
  • Ralf Steinmetz, Klara Nahrstedt; Multimedia: Computing, Communications and Applications; Prentice-Hall, December 1995
  • Ralf Steinmetz;  Multimedia-Technologie: Grundlagen, Komponenten und Systeme; Springer-Verlag, 2000; 3., überarbeitete Auflage
  • Networked Multimedia Systems by S.V. Raghavan and S.K.Tripathi
  • Multimedia Information Systems by V. S. Subrahmanian (Editor), S. K. Tripathi Editor)
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  • Most slides will be in English
  • Slides, pdf-files for self-printing

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Abgabe / Delivery


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