Biometrics and Security [BioSec] Winter term 2012 / 2013


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jana Dittmann, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Claus Vielhauer
Supported by: Christian Krätzer, Kun Qian, Andrey Makrushin, Ronny Merkel, Mario Hildebrandt

Lecture: Wed. 11AM-1PM -- The first lecture will be held on 10.10.2012

Room: G29-K058

Exercise: Tue. 3-5PM -- The first exercise will be held on 16.10.2012

Room: G29-K058

Registration for the course is required. The registration will open on the 24.09.2012. The registration tool can be found at: Registration

Lecture topics:

- Motivation, Introduction, Mathematical, Statistical, and Technical Fundamentals & Sensor Technology
- Security aspects
- Error rates, detection reliability
- Multimodal Biometrics and Multifactor Authentication: Fusion strategies
- Examples & application of biometric techniques

Handouts/Lecture notes:

  • Lecture slides week 1-2 (introduction)
  • Lecture slides week 3 (fundamentals)
  • Lecture slides week 5 (handwriting & voice)
  • Lecture slides week 7 (gaits & keystroke)
  • Lecture slides week 8 (lips & fingerprints)
  • Lecture slides week 9 (iris & face)
  • Lecture slides week 10 (hand, ear & retina)
  • Lecture slides week 11 (fusion, evaluation+benchmarking)



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